Free Flarelight


We don’t have many to give away so claim your Free Hybeam Zoom FLARELIGHT™ now. This offer will not last- don’t wait! Check availability to claim yours!

  • Durable Military Grade Aluminum
  • 1100ft Adjustable Zoom
  • Armored Telescopic Lens
  • Powered By A Single AA Battery
  • Water Resistant and Weatherproof
  • Shock Proof



What Is The ONE Tool You Always Need?

A flashlight is a tool you just can’t live without and the Hybeam Zoom FLARELIGHT™ is perfect for any situation. It is ultra bright, uses standard batteries, can fit in your pocket and has a lifetime of durability. If you’re going to carry any item, it needs to be a flashlight. But you can’t just carry around any old one and expect it to do the job!

You’ll never need to worry about having a reliable light source. Camping and ourdoors, survival and defense, or household use- your Hybeam Zoom FLARELIGHT™ has you covered in any situation! Quality manufacturing and unmatched customer service make the FLARELIGHT™ a top choice.

Some people think we are crazy and that we’re going to put ourselves out of business. Here’s the reason we are doing this- by giving away the Hybeam Zoom FLARELIGHT™ as part of our Family Protection Association we are raising awareness about safety. In doing this, we aim to help protect Americans by providing education and information on Outdoor/Camping Recreational Safety, Survival, Emergency Preparedness and Self Defense. With more families informed, we can increase survival of natural disasters or brutal attacks and avoid common mistakes while camping and hiking. Click below to see if the Free FLARELIGHT™ offer is still available!

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