Free Brita Water Hardness Test Strip

How to take a water hardness test

The quickest and simplest way to test water hardness is with a water hardness test strip. These strips, which should only be used with unfiltered water, show you the degree of hardness of the water from your tap. Simply dip a test strip in cold tap water for a few seconds. Then remove it and watch for it to change colour. Now compare it to the colour chart to determine your tap water’s hardness.

BRITA filtered water for great tasting water

BRITA water filter cartridges reduce limescale along with taste and odour impairing substances like chlorine. That’s why our water filter jugs protect your kitchen appliances from limescale built up and improve the flavour of your coffee, tea and favourite dishes.
You can actually taste the difference BRITA filters make. Simply brew a cup of coffee or make a cup of tea using BRITA filtered water. You’ll immediately notice your drink tastes and smells better.

Want to test your water’s hardness? Order a free BRITA water hardness test strip now!


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