Free Welcome wildlife to your garden Guide

One of the joys of making your garden more wildlife-friendly is seeing it come alive with all the different species that you attract. Your Welcome wildlife to your garden guide is packed with tips to help you recognise your new visitors. Together we can all give nature a home - one garden at a time. Request your free guide today and discover how to welcome wildlife into your garden. Your copy of Welcome wildlife to your garden is packed full of useful...

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Free Gardening Kits for Students

To our Back to the Roots community - hope you and your loved ones are all healthy & well during these uniquely uncertain COVID-19 times. As schools close due to the global pandemic and we all bunker down in the coming weeks to "flatten the curve", we know many of you are working tirelessly to take care of our kids and keep them learning and happy during these trying times. We've also heard from so many of you already...

Free New Chapter Organic Plant Protein

Fuel your lifestyle with a clean and complete vegan protein powder. Whether you're whipping up a breakfast smoothie or prepping healthy snacks for the week, you can rely on New Chapter’s Complete Organic Plant Protein+. This Plant Protein goodness is unlocked with clinically studied enzymes that ensure proper protein breakdown, prevent bloating & boost absorption. Formulated with protein-rich mung bean & brown rice and whole-food seeds including chia, flax and pumpkin seeds for a complete amino acid profile. *These statements...

Free Fuzzy Feet Chair

ACP, LLC caters to schools and educational facilities and tax-exempt organizations in the continental U.S. Our goal is to provide a solution to protect the floors of your school or facility. There is no better way to see if Fuzzy Feet © Chair Glides work for you than to try them out in person! Order a FREE sample pack of Fuzzy Feet © Chair Glides today! We will ship them FREE to your door.   Click Here to Get Free Sample

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Free Scotch-Brite Quick Clean Starter Kit

Tired of burning your fingers while scrubbing your griddle? There's a better way! With the Scotch-Brite™ Quick Clean Griddle Cleaning System, keeping your griddle clean and shiny doesn't have to be such a hot, messy, dangerous chore. To receive your FREE Scotch-Brite™ Quick Clean Griddle Cleaning System Starter Kit 710, you must complete the form below. Starter Kit 710 Contains:6 Scotch-Brite™ Quick Clean Griddle Liquid 700-40 (packets) 6 Scotch-Brite™ Quick Clean Heavy Duty Griddle Pad 746 1 Scotch-Brite™ Multi-Purpose Pad Holder...

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Free Brita Water Hardness Test Strip

How to take a water hardness test The quickest and simplest way to test water hardness is with a water hardness test strip. These strips, which should only be used with unfiltered water, show you the degree of hardness of the water from your tap. Simply dip a test strip in cold tap water for a few seconds. Then remove it and watch for it to change colour. Now compare it to the colour chart to determine your tap water’s...

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Free Persil Discs Sample

Persil® ProClean® Discs™ are single use laundry detergent with four chambers of laundry cleaning power designed to make laundry more convenient for you. Persil® Discs™ are simple to use: just place the discs into your empty washing machine drum before adding laundry on top. Persil® Discs™ go deep into fabric attacking tough-to-clean stains to deliver a deep clean for your laundry. With the stain fighting power and convenience of Persil® ProClean® Discs™ you can effortlessly achieve a deep clean. US only Click...

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Free Ariel 3 in 1 or Fairy Non-Bio Pods

Try for free either Ariel 3 in 1 pods or Fairy non-bio pods. This competition is open to all customers. To enter this competition please enter your contact details and choose either FAIRY or ARIEL.   Click Here to Get Free Sample

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