The 100 Pages Cliff Notes For FREE
The 100 Pages Cliff Notes For FREE

The 100 Pages Cliff Notes For FREE

Here are some of the cliff note points inside the manuscript…

  • The biggest misconception of the digital product business – truth is, to get started, it’s not necessary for you to create your own product
  • What is the core component that all self-made millionaires has in common
  • The 5-step process of launching a digital eCommerce business for beginners and even, experienced marketers
    ​No idea of a topic or stuck on choosing a niche market for your online business? Choose one of the 5 researched topics inside…
  • ​The TYPE of wellness niche that will perform better in the knowledge-based industry
  • ​When it comes to “researching” for a niche market, you’ll realize why most research or keyword tools are close to useless
  • ​How a “newbie mindset” can spin you int a downward spiral and make you stuck in that zone eternally!
  • ​Discover the “one achievement” method for creating products that are desirable for prospects to buy in any niche market
  • ​A case study walkthrough on how to “arrange” your product’s content systematically to sell

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  • The 2 of my favourite digital product formats and eBook is not one of them…
  • ​What is the formula to decide on how much you should charge for your product when it goes live
  • ​The most powerful personal branding strategy to command more sales and work less

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